Monday, September 24, 2012

tarte Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set

From the moment that I saw this blush set on Sephora's website, I knew I had to have it.  The tarte Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set comes with 4 Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Angelic (shimmering champagne), Fantastic (soft fuchsia), Magic (pink coral) and Stellar (shimmering nude).  Each blush is 0.1 oz, which is half the size of the full sized blushes.  The set is $35 (a $60 value).  A full size 0.2 oz tarte blush is $25!

I already own one blush from tarte, and I really wanted to get my hands on a few more.  The high price of $25 each has been the only thing stopping me from trying a few more colors.  This limited edition holiday set is a great way to try a few shades without committing to the full retail price.  I don't mind that these blushes are a smaller size, because I have yet to use up a blush.

Here are some pictures and some quick swatches of this set.
 Top of the box -
 Back of the box -

Angelic, Fantastic, Magic, Stellar




tarte blush is soft, long-wearing and very blendable.  I'm surprised to say that I think Magic will be my favorite of the bunch, but I can't wait to try them all!  Angelic is definitely a beautiful highlight.

What are your thoughts? Will you be picking this set up?


  1. I used to think magic will be a lil bit similar to tipsy but after seeing your swatch, i realized i already have that kind of color, so angelic will be better choice (:

    Thanks for the quick swatch!

    1. I don't have Tipsy to compare, but I'm wearing Magic today and it's gorgeous. Angelic really isn't noticeable as a highlight. It doesn't compare to Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm.

  2. Mine is taking forever to come in the mail! I am getting so impatient! lol. Lovely swatches :)

    1. Thank you! Don't worry, this set is worth the wait! :)