Saturday, September 22, 2012

L'Oreal Project Runway Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad - The Queen's Gaze

I ran to Walgreen's this evening to pick up a new lip liner (blog post on that coming soon), and I ran across a fully stocked display for the new L'Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Collection.  I don't know why this store got the Project Runway Collection, because they still don't have a display for the Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos!

Anyway, I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy any of the Project Runway Collection, but once I saw it in person, there were two items that I had to try!  Plus, L'Oreal cosmetics were Buy One, Get One 50% off.  I purchased The Queen's Blush and The Queen's Gaze.  Click HERE for my post on The Queen's Blush.  

Believe it or not, I don't have a lot of grey eyeshadow.  In fact, the only grey eyeshadow that I own is in my Urban Decay Naked palette.  I have plenty of black eyeshadow, but I don't have grey.  I rarely wear greys or smokey eyes, so I haven't needed them.  Today happened to be the day that I decided I wanted to wear greys and smokey eyes this fall instead of my normal brown AND the day that I found this palette at Walgreen's.  It was meant to be, right?! 

I love the packaging.  I'm a sucker for packaging that is compact and stacks/stores easily.  I also think the clear front makes it look even more beautiful.  It seems solid, and I like that.  It contains .16oz of eyeshadow, and it was $8.99 at Walgreen's.  You can also buy it online for the same price from Ulta

Here's the list of ingredient on the back of the packaging.
Here's a closer look at the colors.  I think it's a great selection to create a fall smokey eye.  I can't wait to play with these eyeshadows.
I swatched the colors clockwise from the top left color.  As usual, I did not use a primer.
Since I always like to compare similar items in my collection, here are a few comparison swatches.  As you can tell, the Wet n Wild eyeshadow goes on much softer and creamier than the L'Oreal shadow.
Urban Decay's Gunmetal is similar to the bottom right shade in The Queen's Gaze, but just a bit lighter.
Overall, I'm happy with this purchase.  The lighter colors seem to swatch easier than the darkest shade, but I'm hoping it will apply better with a brush.  I'm planning to use it as a crease or outer v color, so I don't think I will have problems with it.

I love the packaging of the L'Oreal Project Runway Collection, and I think The Queen's Gaze is the perfect combination of colors for the fall!

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