Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BeautyBlender - My Trick for Flawless Foundation Application

Today I'm going to show you my favorite product to achieve an "airbrushed" flawless face.  This is the original BeautyBlender.  I found out about the BeautyBlender from Nurberxo on YouTube.  At the time, I was using Bare Minerals Foundation, but I was looking for something longer lasting with better coverage.  I found her because her favorite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear, which I used in college.

The one problem that I had when I wore liquid foundation was that it seemed like I could never blend it enough.  I don't like to get foundation all over my fingers, and my foundation brush always made my foundation streaky (although I now know that a flat top kabuki brush would have solved that problem).  Nur introduced me to the BeautyBlender, and I ordered one immediately.  It has completely changed the way I feel about liquid foundation.  I love that I can get full coverage, yet my foundation looks well blended into my skin.      
 In order to use the BeautyBlender, you first run it under water and then squeeze out all of the excess water. As you can see in the picture below, the BeautyBlender grows as it absorbs water. When you use it wet, it doesn't absorb your foundation like a dry sponge would.

I usually squeeze the excess water out over the sink, and then I squeeze it in a towel to make sure I have gotten as much water out as possible. Then it's ready to apply my foundation. I typically put dots of foundation around my face and then use the BeautyBlender to stipple it in. Basically, I bounce the BeautyBlender around my face until the foundation blends into my skin.  You can use the top point to get around your eyes and nose, but I rarely do that.  I like that I can use it to build up the coverage or for a light application.
BeautyBlender dry, BeautyBlender wet
There are a few cons to the BeautyBlender. The first is that they must be replaced, because they do wear out. I probably used my first one daily for 6 months and it was definitely overdue by the time I replaced it.  It starts to break down, and the application isn't as great once it starts to get worn out. Another downside is that it takes a bit more effort, because you have to get it wet. Lastly, the price might be a huge negative for some, especially since it has to be replaced. 

You can buy a set of 2 BeautyBlenders at Sephora for $25.95 or at for $19.56.  The Sonia Kashuk "dupe" is around $10 at Target, but I haven't used it myself.

I feel like this has made a huge difference for me, so I will continue to replace it unless I find a cheaper alternative that works just as well.

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