Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sedona Lace - Free Gift with Purchase of $49.95 or more

If you haven't read my blog post yesterday on the Sedona Lace 7 Piece Midnight Brush Set, you can check it out HERE.
Currently Sedona Lace is offering a free 4 color eyeshadow palette with a travel size Synthetic Blender - EB 13 brush with a purchase of $49.95 or more.  Here is a closer look at the free palette and brush.
  A close up of the palette.
 Here is the brush.  It is the Synthetic Blender brush that is part of the Vortex Collection.
To compare the size, here is the free travel EB 13 next to my full size EB13 brush.  I would say the EB 13 is one of the eye brushes that gets the most use.  I use it daily, so I'm glad to have a back up.  That also explains why it's dirty... 

And the swatches...
Samurai, Brazen, Far-Out, Headliner
Most of the Sedona Lace eyeshadow palettes are on sale right now on their website.  I haven't used these shades yet, but they are highly pigmented.  Sedona Lace offers palettes with huge color selections (most palettes have 120 or 168 colors in them!).   

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