Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Lots Find - Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Smooth Nude

I have found some great beauty products at Big Lots.  Recently I purchased the Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in 350 Smooth Nude.  At $2, I figured it wouldn't hurt to add another nude lipstick to my collection.  As it turns out, I should have passed and saved the $2.

I was originally interested in this lipstick because it comes in a tube that is very similar to the Revlon PhotoReady concealer.  The concealer is smooth and creamy, so I figured the lipstick would be the same.
The lipstick is very smooth and creamy. It glides on easily and doesn't feel heavy on the lips. I think it feels more like a lip balm in texture than a lipstick.  In fact, the smoothness reminds me of the PhotoReady concealer.  It doesn't feel drying on your lips.  It smells like vanilla, and I LOVE that.

For some reason, I feel like it is too smooth, so it doesn't apply the color evenly.  If I put a lip balm on first, it is even more difficult to apply the color evenly.  It's almost like it doesn't "stick" to your lips over the gloss.
As I mentioned, I chose the color Smooth Nude.  If you read my post on the Maybelline Porcelain Collection in Nude Nuances, you know I'm a sucker for nude lipsticks.
Unfortunately, this is another nude that just does not work for me.  It looks like a concealer on my lips, so I look sickly with it on.  I would say it has too much orange in it for my fair complexion.  I prefer a nude with a bit more pink or brown. 

I can layer other lipsticks on it, but who wants to take the time to layer when you have a color that looks great by itself. 

Bottom line:  My biggest problem with this lipstick is the color.  I LOVE the vanilla scent, and it is quite moisturizing for a lipstick. These lipsticks have been discontinued, but if you find them at Big Lots, I say pass.  You can find much better products, newer products from Revlon, so save yourself the $2.

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