Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lori Greiner Cosmetic Case - Tiger Print

I really like my make-up, and I like to take care of it.  I've invested enough in my make-up collection.  When I travel, I don't like to throw everything together in a make-up bag, because it never fails that a powder will break or a product will leak and it will get over EVERYTHING in the bag.   

Emily of Beauty Broadcast reviewed the Set of 2 Quilted Cometic Cases by Lori Greiner and it looked like the perfect travel bag for me.  You can find it on QVC for $32.

This is the larger of the two bags in the Tiger print (although the large and small bag come together in the set).  I think this is the only print that is not actually quilted! 

Why is this bag so great and unique?  It has separate compartments to organize your products.  This means if a product leaks in the bag, it won't stain the rest of your products.

When you first unzip the bag, this is what you see.  The bag is made up of lots of small pockets with velcro flaps. 

All of the compartments (except 3 that you will see soon) have velcro on the flaps.  I have read a lot of reviews that complain that the velcro scratches your hands when you reach into the pockets.  I have the PERFECT solution!  As soon as I arrive at my destination, I tuck the velcro flaps behind the products, so it doesn't scratch my hand.  I haven't had products fall out while the bag is just sitting on the counter.  This also means I don't have to open each pocket every morning while I use the products.  Then when it's time to go, I close the velcro pockets.  No big deal at all!

Back to the design... 

The compartments on the left flip open to reveal four more compartments that are about the same size.  The compartments on the right are a separate flap that you can snap in and out of your organizer.

I like to organizer my bag by product type.  As you can see on the left, I have my foundation and Beauty Blender in the top pocket and my concealers and under eye products in the bottom pocket.  I have lip glosses in the top right pocket and lip sticks in the bottom pocket.

These are the four compartments when you flip out the compartments on the left, these are the compartments hidden below.  As you can see, there are two compartments on the same flap and two built into the bottom on the bag.  These two compartments are a bit larger than the compartments on the flap.  The larger compartments are big enough to fit a Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow (the one with eight shadows in it).

I keep cream and powder blushes, highlighters, and bronzers in these pockets.  (Remember, they are behind my foundation and concealers... make sense?)

I also wanted to mention that I like to keep my products so I can see each item.  Although the pockets are large enough that you could stack most products, I don't do that.  Plus I find it's easier to zip the bag when the compartments aren't stuffed to the maximum capacity.  

Starting back where we began...

When you flip the compartments on the right over (the lip products), this it what you see.  There are two velcro compartments on the left and three smaller zippered compartments on the right.  

On the left I have my cream and powder eye shadows.  The zippered pockets are perfect for liners, mascaras, small powders or eye shadows.  I have mascara and eye liner in the top pocket and dental floss, eye drops, nail clippers and Band-Aids in the middle pocket.  The bottom pocket has sample sized loose powders and a pencil sharpener.  As I mentioned, I like to keep my products clean, so the loose powders go in a zippered compartment.

Here is a better picture that shows how the center compartments can unsnap from the bag.  This is great because if you have more self-control than I do and can limit the amount of make-up you bring with you when you travel, this piece can be removed from the bag entirely.

If you flip the compartments from the right over, there is a space with elastic bands for your make-up brushes.  The spaces on the left are for smaller brushes, like eye brushes, while the spaces on the left fit your larger face brushes. 

I like to alternate the direction of my larger face brushes, so they don't get smashed up against each other.

Overall, I think this bag is the perfect solution for my traveling needs.  It keeps everything separate and organized.  The separate compartments prevent damage to the other products (which is especially important for my The Balm products in the cardboard packaging!)  I like to be able to see all of the products I have with me.  If I can't see something, I won't use it, so this bag is perfect for me!

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