Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Fashion Week Collection Lipstick in Strike A Rose

I finally decided to pick up one of the lipsticks from the Maybelline 2012 Fashion Week Collection.  I thought Strike A Rose was the safest option for me.  I didn't want a repeat of the Maybelline Porcelain Collection.  I like to buy lipsticks that I will wear a lot... something that looks good on me that doesn't require much effort to "work" with my coloring.

I found this in a special display on the cosmetics counter at Walgreens.  They also had it at CVS, but this shade was sold out.
I like Maybelline lipsticks, but I only had two until recently.  The formula is nice and smooth.  I think the Revlon lipsticks have a slightly thicker or heavier feel.  Maybelline lipsticks glide easily onto your lips.  There is no pull or tug when you apply them.  I think they are lighter and creamier than most drugstore lipsticks.    
I was not disappointed at all with Strike A Rose.  It is a beautiful color, with a bit of berry in it.  Although it is in the brown packaging, I don't think it has too much brown to it.  Maybe a bit of a berry-nude color. 
I think this is a beautiful color for the fall and winter.  It actually looks a lot like another color that I have in my collection, which will show you tomorrow.   
Overall, I'm very happy that I decided to try Strike a Rose.  It is the perfect berry for my skintone, and I am loving this lipstick!

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