Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Black Bag

I have not been very good about posting reviews this week, because I have a new obsession.  I finally decided to try Little Black Bag.  This is a newer subscription service with purses, accessories, jewelry, home items, make-up... lot of options!  Little Black Bag lets you choose your first item, and stylists pick a few more items for you.  For 7 days, you can trade whatever is in your bag for items that other members have in their bags.  You can ship your bag immediately as soon as you are satisfied, but I recommend that you trade the entire 7 days to get the most out of your bag.

At first I thought I would never be able to trade for something I really liked, but just because I don't like something doesn't mean someone else doesn't.

I initially signed up for Little Black Bag, because I wanted this Big Buddha purse.  It was $90 on Macy's website, but on Little Black Bag, the subscription is $50 + $5 shipping.  When you Like their Facebook page, you get a code for 10% off your first purchase.  Therefore, I am getting this bag and my other items for $50. 
Quilted Tote
The other items that were put in my bag included a pair of earrings that I didn't like and a necklace that I kind of liked.  I also had a free eyeliner from Mineralogie.  I offered to trade the earrings in exchange for a bracelet that I liked, and someone accepted my trade.  I found a Steve Madden clutch that I liked even more, so I decided to trade my earrings, new bracelet and eyeliner for the clutch.  The clutch was valued at $58 and the earrings and bracelet had a combined value of $58.  Someone accepted that trade!

I was ready to ship my bag, but I still had several days of trading left.  I decided to wait.  Then someone offered me the same black Big Buddha purse (a $90 value) for the $58 Steve Madden clutch.  I had to accept. 

Since then I have been trading purses.  Currently, I have both the black and red versions of this Big Buddha purse in my bag.  I am trying to trade the red purse for another bag, but if no one accepts, I will be more than happy with both purses. 

This has been such a fun shopping experience.  It's slightly stressful at times when you are waiting for a trade to be accepted, but it is really fun to offer trades and see what people will accept and to see what is offered to you. 

I don't know how often they switch up the items or add new items to the site.  It looks like a few items are added each weekday, but I don't know that for sure.  I'm not sure that I will order regularly, but it would make a really great holiday gift for someone who likes to shop!

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